Volanti Armchair

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Product Details

Design: Combining both functionality and aesthetics, this chair showcases an industrial touch through its use of metal, while its overall form and aesthetics reflect a minimalist style. The addition of an epoxy paint coating not only enhances durability but also provides a modern and sleek look. With various color options, the chair easily integrates into different décor concepts. The Volanti Metal Chair stands out as a balanced and stylish piece of furniture, maintaining both functionality and aesthetic value, making it a sophisticated addition to contemporary spaces.

- Width: 78 cm
- Depth: 70 cm
- Height: 75 cm

Comfort: Offers a wide and comfortable seating area.

Material: Welded from metal tubing and wire.

Durability: Sturdy and long-lasting.

Coating: Epoxy paint coating makes it suitable for outdoor use.

Color Options: Available in various colors, adaptable to all decor styles.

Usage Areas: Suitable for different indoor and outdoor spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms, study rooms, balconies, or gardens. 

Enhance your space with the Volanti Metal Chair, combining modern design and comfort. Discover it now and add a sophisticated touch to your home!