Vicenzo Wall Shelf

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Product Details

Design: The Vicenzo shelf boasts a modern and simple design. Combining the strength of metal with the aesthetic touch of epoxy powder coating, it serves both functional and decorative purposes. Its geometric structure with clean lines reflects a minimalist and contemporary decor style. This shelf enhances flexibility and versatility within the home, adding a modern touch while offering storage solutions. Its disassembled delivery makes assembly easy and time-saving for users, making it an elegant and functional addition to any space.

Material: Made from durable metal sheet and profile.

Coating: Finished with epoxy powder paint for added durability and an aesthetic appearance.

Color and Size Options: Available in various colors to match your decor and different sizes to fit your space perfectly.

Usage: Designed for easy use in any part of the home.

Assembly: Delivered disassembled for practicality and ease of assembly.