Vicenzo Wall Shelf

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Product Details

Design: The Vicenzo shelf features a modern and simple design. Combining the strength of metal with the aesthetic touch of epoxy powder coating, it serves as both a functional and decorative piece. Its geometric structure with clean lines reflects a minimalist and contemporary decor style. The flexibility and versatility of this shelf make it suitable for use in various parts of the home, providing a modern touch while offering storage solutions. Additionally, its disassembled delivery makes assembly easy and time-saving for users. Overall, the Vicenzo shelf offers both elegance and functionality.

Material: Made from durable metal sheet and profile.

Coating: Coated with epoxy powder paint to enhance both its aesthetic appeal and durability.

Color and Size Options: Available in various colors to match your decor and different sizes to fit your space perfectly.

Usage: Designed for easy use in any part of the home.

Assembly: Delivered disassembled to provide practicality and ease of assembly.