Perrero Garden Table

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Color : Dark Grey
Deminsions : 80x75cm

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Product Details

Design: The Perrero round metal garden table combines stylish and functional design, making it a standout piece in your garden. With the perfect blend of aesthetics and durability, it's ready to enhance your outdoor spaces.

Aesthetic and Functional Material: The Perrero round garden table is crafted from perforated metal sheet. This unique perforated design gives the table a chic look while its lightweight nature ensures practical use. The metal tube profile legs guarantee durability and stability.

Long-Lasting Coating: The table's surface is coated with epoxy paint, providing an aesthetic shine and protecting the product from external elements. This coating ensures extra resistance against rain, sun, and other outdoor factors.

Personalized Color Options: The Perrero round metal garden table comes in various color options, allowing it to match any taste and décor. Whether you want to create an energetic atmosphere with vibrant colors or a calm ambiance with pastel tones, you have the flexibility to choose.

Flexible Size Options: Whether you need a large table for big gardens or a compact size for smaller spaces, Perrero offers various size options to meet your needs perfectly.

Easy Assembly and Transport: The Perrero round metal garden table is delivered disassembled to offer ease of transport and assembly. This makes the table extremely easy to set up and user-friendly.