Perrero Garden Table

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Product Details

Design: The Perraro metal garden table brings together modern design and durability, offering both a functional and aesthetic experience for your garden and outdoor spaces. Here are the standout features of this stylish and practical product:

Unique and Aesthetic Material Choice: The Perraro garden table is crafted from aesthetically perforated metal sheet, giving it a stylish look while keeping it lightweight. The metal tube profile legs add stability and durability to the table.

Durable Coating: With its epoxy paint coating, the Perraro table provides extra protection against external elements, particularly rain, rust, and UV rays. This coating also adds a sleek shine to the table.

Variety of Color Options: Perraro offers a range of color options to perfectly match your garden's decor style. The color palette caters to every taste, allowing you to add personal touches.

Flexible Size Options: To cater to different space needs and preferences, Perraro is available in various sizes. Whether for large family gatherings or quiet evening dinners, you can choose the ideal size for your table.

Easy Assembly: The user-friendly Perraro table is delivered in a disassembled state, making it easy to transport and simplifying the assembly process.