Casolina kitchen cabinet

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Product Details

The Casolina kitchen cabinet stands out with its compact design and practical storage solutions:

 Featuring a simple and modern design, the Casolina kitchen cabinet creates a bright atmosphere with its white color, giving the impression of a larger space. It is designed to complement any kitchen decor seamlessly.

Material: Made from high-quality particleboard, it offers both durability and easy cleaning. It is suitable for daily use in the kitchen.

Dimensions: Measuring 59x40x92 cm, it provides a functional workspace and storage area while taking up minimal space in the kitchen. It is at an ideal height to complement the kitchen countertop.

Assembly: Shipped disassembled, it includes all necessary parts and instructions for easy assembly. Its wheeled design allows for easy movement, making it convenient to relocate during cleaning or repositioning in the kitchen.

The Casolina kitchen cabinet offers quick and accessible storage for your countertop small appliances, dishes, and bowls. Its mobile design enhances its practicality and allows for flexible use in the kitchen.